Therapy & Coaching for Couples

Couples Therapy

How do we navigate our relationships, strengthen them or just build a strong one?

Reset Therapy supports couples at all stages of life. Whether you’re a new couple just starting out or have been together for a long time, we will work with you to build stronger communication skills, deeper connection and help you manage the strong emotions that can impact your relationships.

There can be times where couples feel stuck, alone or disconnected in their relationship. Loretta uses the Gottman Method of couples therapy to support couples to communicate better, explore how to manage disagreements or conflict and develop a deeper understanding of one another. Loretta also supports couples looking to get married to create strong foundations for lasting relationships.

Loretta takes an individualised, strengths based approach to working with couples to have stronger, happier, healthier relationships.

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We have three different types of couple's work:

For engaged couples

The SYMBIS program offers a 5-week course to prepare couples for marriage.

For established couples

Loretta draws on the Gottman Method of couples therapy which is an evidence-based approach to couples’ therapy. Loretta recommends about 10 weeks to work through the program and a discussion about longer if required.

Transitioning to Parenthood

We also work with couples transitioning to parenthood or looking for parenting support in any stage of their children’s life. 

Relationship Coaching

Do you feel like you could be a better partner? What could be more important than saving your relationship?

Our coaching programs will help you move forward and make your relationship what you know it could be.

Personal coaching is a unique relationship that delivers lasting change and growth, personal insights, accountability and encouragement. You will magnify your special gifts as a partner, develop your joint vision for life and know who you need to be in an intentional relationship.

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How we can help

Coaching is a confidential, creative, one-on-one relationship focused on your desired change. Our coaching model delivers deep transformation through four big moves forward:

  • Discover – personal insights into who you are as a partner and how you work together
  • Explore – get clarity on where you are heading together
  • Extras – new actions for new relationship outcomes
  • Perform – work to your strengths and use positive habits to be the best partner you can be

Build a stronger relationship with your partner

We will help you to build stronger communication skills and a deeper connection with your partner.

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