Therapy & Coaching for Individuals

Individual Therapy

We all have times where we just wish we could reset our thinking, our situation or emotions.

We provide counselling for individuals to explore how to improve personal fulfillment, communication and relationships.

At Reset Therapy, we draw on a client centred approach to help individuals achieve their goals or support change in their lives. We believe in a strength based approach and works with individuals to define beliefs, purpose and direction in their lives.

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How we can help

If you have been impacted by past events or unhealthy relationships, Loretta can support you in the healing process and rebuilding your confidence.

  • General counselling
  • Emotion management counselling
  • Trauma counselling
  • Counselling for individuals impacted by domestic violence

Personal Coaching

Are you lacking focus and purpose? Living on autopilot but sensing there must be more?

Our coaching programs will focus your time and effort so you can accomplish your goals, listen and connect with others and become the person you want to be.

Elite sports and top executives realise the unique benefits of professional coaching. Coaching is the fastest and most effective way to deliver personal insights, accountability and encouragement. You will discover how valuable you really are and explore your vision for an intentional life. Your coach will support you to do the extra work and perform at your best.

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How we can help

Personal coaching is a creative, one-on-one relationship focused on your desired change. Deep transformation involves taking four big moves forward:

  • Discover – personal insights into where you’re at and who you are becoming
  • Explore – get clarity on your goals and why you need to achieve them
  • Extras – take new actions to accomplish your goals
  • Perform – get on top of those habits and behaviours that hold you back

Ready to achieve your goals and make the change?

We provide a safe environment for individuals to explore experiences from the past, face their current challenges and look to the future with hope.

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